7 FREE Wallpapers with Success Quotes

After reading Napolean Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, a famous book on Success, I decided to read atleast one quote of his daily. So I quickly created a handful of wallpapers to read daily.

Sharing it to wider audience!!!

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Napolean Hill - Financial Quote



Napolean Hill - Financial Quote



You are the master of your Destiny



A Goal is a dream with a deadline



Dreams are seedling of reality


Napolean Hill - Financial Quote


Napolean Hill - Financial Quote

Prabha is a User Interface Designer (Software design) + Entrepreneur, and a passionate home organiser. She was a spendthrift until she came across the book 'Millionaire next door'. In fact, this (the book) was her turning point towards frugality and financial freedom. Read more

The Power of following your Intuition

Instinct. Inner voice. Gut feeling. Sixth Sense. We all have that unexplainable natural knowing within which guides us, alerts us, protect us without any logic behind. Well, you might wonder why on earth am I writing about this?…

Are Health Care Industries turning rich eating our Health?

Eating commercialised foods at renowned hotels or restaurants seems to be a part of luxury living nowadays- Even, I wasn’t an exception to it. The advice about healthy eating by grannies, mommy and dad, well wishers never…

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