3 Powerful TED-Talks that completely changed my life!

We all face times in our lives when things are so intensely difficult, especially when its almost too much to bear.

Whether its a loss of loved one, a job loss or unexpected disappointment that could shake us to the core, the pain is very sharp, deep and real. The problem is we have very less training on how to deal with the level of pain – emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

I had once read in a book that in times of personal tragedy, all anyone wanted to do was to turn the clock back. I’m no different, of course when I think of my bitter pasts, I always wanted to turn the clock back and fix things.

On one fine morning, my inner voice poured in a suggestion, “Do you think nobody have bitter pasts? Everybody on this earth should have one –  some dare to spit it out, learn from it and bear great fruit; and some disguise them to act as if they’re so good bearing the intense pain within. You’ve to find out how the former ones are dealing with it”

And BOOM…..months of months of internet research. Finally, I ended up finding these most valuable talks. That moment when I came across these talks, my normal life turned out to be a meaningful life….

How Harish Iyer braved Sexual Abuse

This man ‘Harish Iyer’ blew my heart away. Nobody gets into a personal tragedy by their own choice, it’s the situation and circumstance that puts them into it. The moment he realised that he is a gay, he decided not to marry and spoil a woman’s life.

It is this decision which inspired me…


How an Indian Transgender rose above Failure

We’re from a society where we blindly follow what elders teach us. I still remember, my granny used to tell me not to talk to Hijras. I was being told that they would pesture and molest anybody to extract money.

Seeing the society disrespecting Hijras, I followed the same.

But when I watched this video, it just challenged the perspective and made me to question Indian culture and popular notions of morality.

Any human being in this world should have access to water, food and shelter. If society, culture, religion or caste is restricting these basic necessities to humans, then what’s the point in following it?


How a School dropout reached Harvard?

Could you even believe that a school dropout in India could give speech at Harvard, IIT, IIM, Stanford and meet Bill gates? This man taught me that anything is possible in this world if one could believe that ‘Common sense’ is everything.

His quote “Everybody in this world is using education as a tool to survive – start solving the problems around you, you will succeed”, inspired me so much….

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