4 Youtube Channels to boost your Financial Confidence (everyday)

Friends, I came across these channels when I started doing an Internet Research on how ordinary people turn into millionaires.

Although I haven’t figured out the complete path they had taken, I’m sure I’ve found out the first few steps they took during their initial days of progress 🙂

Consequently, I’m sure these channels would change your life as like mine 🙂

Marie TV

This woman is an awesome life and business coach, and she gives a solution to all the business and life issues. With over 250 episodes, she’d created thousands of entrepreneurs.

“When I had my own self doubts about starting my own blog, it was her awesome videos which helped me to break the walls and come out of it. Marie TV is highly recommended for everybody in this world”












I will Teach You to Be Rich

An Indian who is the author of the famous book “I will Teach You to be Rich”, has his own Youtube channel to give back to the society. He has a lot of interesting videos on Interview tips, Salary Negotiations tips, Life hacks, Procastrinations and what not?

boost your Financial Confidence


Ask Jay

Jay Adelson has an answer for all your basic questions regarding entrepreneurship. He was the CEO of Digg, and had founded and co-founded many companies like Equinox, PAIX. He has enormous knowledge on how a business works.

Best Youtube Channel to turn Rich - Ask Jay


Derek Halpern

This man is an expert marketer and entrepreneur, and he gives a lot of tips on how to run an online business successfully. His tips right from running a blog to Sales is a perfect blend of marketing and business, and I highly recommend his channel if in case you’re interested in entrepreneurship.

boost your Financial Confidence







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