Brain Drain: How a maid made me to think about it?

A couple of days back, a maid at our home asked me, “Where are you currently?”, and I said “Abroad”.

She immediately replied, “I will come with you abroad as a maid, I want to become rich soon”.

And I questioned, “What made you think that living abroad makes you rich?”, and she replied, “Your Lifestyle which contains expensive items: RayBan glasses, expensive electronics and clothing”.

Literally, I felt very guilty for envying this poor woman by showing off my luxurious lifestyle, and for becoming a root cause for 3 brain drains.

Why do I say I’m responsible for 3 Brain Drains?

She also said, “In fact, I always instruct my 2 kids to grow up, get education, flee to a foreign country, and become rich”. Suddenly, a thought process like below flashed my mind.


How I handled the situation?

Firstly, I apologized for being a cause of her envy, and advised her not to judge anybody’s status just by their looks, appearance, and luxury.

Secondly, I wanted to break her blind belief that Living abroad makes her rich, so I frankly told her that just because NRIs spend money like water in India, it doesn’t mean that they are living in a heavenly place with full of happiness. In fact, many NRIs (including me) are stuck in vicious cycle of money and social pressures, and if they are given a choice, they will definitely come back to India to get settled.

Though the decision is up to her, I’ve had a little satisfaction that I’ve made her give a second thought on her NRI plan.

Prabha is a User Interface Designer (Software design) + Entrepreneur, and a passionate home organiser. She was a spendthrift until she came across the book 'Millionaire next door'. In fact, this (the book) was her turning point towards frugality and financial freedom. Read more

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