How to Utilise the Power of Prayer (to become rich)

I wasn’t a firm believer of god until I came across a fact that there are 15 million brain cell connections inside us, that too ordered in definite patterns.

You might wonder why am I talking about brain when the topic is all about Prayer. Well, both are related!

Being a User Interface Designer, I had a general idea about human brain and psychology to design easy user interfaces for software applications. My real passion developed when I came across an interesting concept “Neuroplasticity” (brain’s ability to develop new neurons based on new habits & behaviors) from an IIT professor’s lecture during my CUA Certification (a certification for user interface designers) and…

BAM! I almost became a neuroscientist 😛 (just kidding).

Now, let’s get started!

The Infinite Intelligence

Infinite intelligence is the universal form of energy that created us, and our subconscious mind in the brain is genetically programmed to access the infinite intelligence.

“My learning thirst towards Brain studies was quenched when I accidently came across the books “Power of Subconscious mind”, “Think and Grow Rich”, and Sigmund Freud’s theories. Among all these people, the common concept they mentioned was “Infinite Intelligence””

Due to our busy lifestyle, we aren’t utilizing the maximum energy we could get from it.

Conscious and the Subconscious Mind

Conscious mind receives information through five senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.
Subconscious mind has access to all the same information your conscious mind receives, it doesn’t filter and it doesn’t forget, but has a key to access Infinite Intelligence (the universal energy)

Here is a simple video to explain Conscious and the Subconscious Mind — the facts in the video are based on the book “Think and Grow Rich” – Napolean Hill

How Prayer Works!

Human Brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thought from inside you, and also from the environment.
Thinking generates thought impulses (vibrations), and if we’re very much serious about the goal – we think it on and on, and thoughts turn into Action.

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napolean Hill said that the first step to achieve anything is to think about it. Our ancestors were SO intelligent that they already knew about Infinite Intelligence, and created ‘Prayer’ as a medium to submit our wishes from conscious to subconscious mind, and then to infinite intelligence

“While we think on and on, the thought impulses are generated and registered in the conscious mind. And while we pray, the thoughts are submitted to Subconscious mind, and then to Infinite Intelligence.”

The repetition of thoughts is like giving orders to your subconscious mind, and it is the only known method of voluntary development of emotion of faith. Your subconscious mind needs to get repeated thoughts or affirmations to submit it to infinite intelligence.

Here is a simple picture on how prayer works:

How Prayer works to turn rich
How Prayer Works

Subconscious mind translates all your thought impulses into physical equivalent (action) by the most direct and practical way available, any order that is given to it in a state of belief or faith that the order will be carried out.

How Prayer works in response
How Infinite Intelligence Reacts to Wishes

The Do’s and Dont’s

Most people pray only after something has failed. Or they pray by a ritual of meaningless words. And because most people who pray had already failed, they pray with fear and doubt. Prayer when mixed with fear and doubt literally cancels out the effect. Technically, you’re sending positive desires mixed with negative fear and doubts which eventually gives zero effect.

It shouldn’t be a one time prayer – it should be daily. Despite the fact that subconscious mind submits whatever we desire for to god, there are several points to keep in mind: Subconscious mind is blind, it accepts whatever you desire often – either positive or negative; That’s the reason our ancestors always advise us to think positive in any situation.

Thinking of negative stuffs results in bad luck, Napolean Hill says!

My Personal Experiences!

Prayer tapped ‘Intuition’ (sixth sense) inside me by eliminating fear, anxiety and depression – many successful leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Chris Gardner, Vinod Khosla and Marie Forleo had mentioned that ‘Intuition’ was the main reason for their success, and I feel it too.

“As Napolean Hill mentioned, I’ve felt the touch of that unknown “something” that has been the moving spirit of every true great thinker, leader, artist, musician or writer; and it was that feeling that transmuted my desire of starting my own blog “Madbucks” into reality.”

I turned out to be very Social than ever before – I had the fear of being judged before, but now I realised that the best way to lead a good life is by helping people (even though they judge). And in fact, this sparked an idea to set a long term vision “Women Empowerment” in my life.


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Prabha is a User Interface Designer (Software design) + Entrepreneur, and a passionate home organiser. She was a spendthrift until she came across the book 'Millionaire next door'. In fact, this (the book) was her turning point towards frugality and financial freedom. Read more

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