3 Books for Financial Beginners of All Age

Sometimes it’s just a video, sometimes it’s an inspiring speech, and sometimes it’s mom’s advice, or even our life’s bitter experience that changes the way we think forever.

But, I had never thought a book “Millionaire’s Next Door” would change me so much. To be honest, it left me sleepless, speechless; and even challenged my perspective on money.

From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

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Millionaire next door teaches how to think like a millionaire, whereas this book written by an Indian Author tells how to take a first step to get rich.

The book is for Indians, it teaches you all the basics in finance. Right from Simple interest, compound interest, LIC policies till financial planning. The book acted as a guide for my financial planning!

“To me, the book was an eye-opener, it taught me how to get the most of Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits. In fact, am planning to go a step further, and invest in lands, homes and other investments :)”

Millionaire Next Door

Buy the Book on Flipkart

I had firm beliefs on the following, before I started reading this book

  • Millionaires and rich people own top branded clothes, watches, cars and luxury homes
  • They look attractive, and could be spotted out easily by their looks
  • They are “Spendthrifts”, and never care about money
  • They own accounts in Swiss banks, and hold credit cards from top notch banks

And you know what? Millionaires are quite the opposite. Read the book, you’ll be surprised!

The Automatic Millionaire

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Well, this book guides us how to create an automatic system to save money from being overspent. Though this book is mostly meant for US citizens, a handful of tips and tricks could be read and implemented in our daily lives.

“One of my best take away from the book is “Latte factor” — tracking the unconscious spending on every day things”

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