Are Health Care Industries turning rich eating our Health?

Eating commercialised foods at renowned hotels or restaurants seems to be a part of luxury living nowadays- Even, I wasn’t an exception to it.

The advice about healthy eating by grannies, mommy and dad, well wishers never entered my ears; I had been SO ignorant when it comes to “Granny Therapy” thinking they know nothing about modern medicines.

Everything went on well for years until I experienced bad breath, Ulcers, GERD, Body tremors,twitching and Sleep Deprivation issues.

How Doctors and Dr.Google Mislead Me?

Gastroentologist, Sleep specialist, General Physician, Counselling — I haven’t missed consulting anybody — all they prescribed was just antacid liquids and handful of tablets.

Well, even after consuming those, my problems weren’t solved.

As like any IT professional, I felt Dr.Google is everything and started researching about the health symptoms. Dr.Google gave me search results about oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer and all kinds of cancers. As a result, my fear started growing bigger and bigger and I started treating myself using Dr.Google. Fear, Depression, Stress and what not – I turned in to cyberchondriac accompanied by its friend death fear.

Whole of my professional and personal life started to suck!!!!!

That Moment When I realised Indian Food is the Best Medicine!!!

Indian Cooking Formula has a lot of hidden medicinal benefits

Coincidentally, I discussed this issue with my sister-in-law and she simply said  “You’re running behind doctors keeping a valuable medicine ‘Manathakaali (Makoy)’ at our roof top”

Are Health Care Companies Turning Rich Eating our Health?


She quickly plucked a handful of leaves from the plant pot at our roof top and made a quick dish out of it. With no hope, I consumed it just for the sake of not ignoring her suggestion but to my surprise bad breath, stomach pain and GERD symptoms slowly vanished. And in a week, I felt a great relief from all the symptoms.

“Though many doctors prescribed medicines and asked me to quit job and release stress; they never advised me to have “Manathakkali or Makoy” to maintain stomach health. That’s when my intuition raised  a red flag – Are health care industries making money eating our health? Are we habituated to think that modern medicines are the only cure!!”

My Eye – Openers!

Doctors are taught Medicines and not natural foods.

While I was thinking deeply about this issue – I came across this interesting book written by Ray.D.Strand who is a renowned nutrition medicine specialist.And BAM…..that was my turning point towards healthy eating.

His words “Doctors are taught medicines and not natural foods.” was a great eye-opener to me ; he also clearly mentioned how cancer cells are formed and how could it be avoided (everything in layman terms). I would highly recommend everyone to read this book to boost our body’s natural healing power than going to a hospital for treatments.

“Cancer cells are nothing but a normal cell releasing a free radical when damaged. Eating antioxidants (e.g. Almonds) on daily basis could cancel out the effect of free radical and repair the damaged cell. That’s the reason we need to consume antioxidants on a daily basis”

What your doctor doesn't know about nutritional medicine

After completely reading this book, I pretty much started analysing how my body reacts to the food I eat. From my eating experiences, I figured out the following and I hope these few tips would challenge your perspective on modern medicines.

“That pinch of turmeric that your mom adds in dhal is an anti-inflammatory compound that heals bruises, stomach related problems, rheumatoid arthritis and could also fight cancer  “

  • Replace antacid liquids with a pair of cucumbers in the morning and evening. Your acidity issues will vanish!
  • Replace your pills for digestion with ginger or Jeera water, your digestion related issues would end!!
  • Include antioxidants like Almonds, Cucumber, Lemon and Carrots daily — Vitamin C and Betacarotene in these foods fight cancer.
  • Start having your lunch in banana leaf at least during weekends – it has polyphenol and antioxidant compounds which could help fight cancer and parkinson’s disease.
  • Peanuts – lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Do physical exercises, yoga and meditation – leads you to a stress free and happy life minimising negative emotions and thoughts

When mind and body is in harmony, automatically health improves.


The Time has come to turn towards our traditional lifestyle!

Investors invest in pharmaceuticals and health care and double their money by selling medicines to the population. Well, if the population is healthy, no business but what if they aren’t ? Great business, isn’t it?

Only then I realised how we’re indirectly forced to overthink and over diagnose to generate money in the health care industry? Aren’t we so blindfolded to believe that modern medicine is the only cure? Aren’t we so ignorant about “Granny Therapy” – Nobody knows about our hereditary health than our ancestors.

And of course, our healthy raw foods cannot reach us if Farming isn’t supported!

Let’s respect, support farming and teach our future generation how important farming and healthy food is!

Disclaimer – Mind you, this post is not intended to talk down about the health care industry as a whole — I’m sure there are good fishes who care about patient’s health — This post is intended to prevent people from using too much of modern medicines without even knowing that there are natural medicines as an alternative.

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