Best Udemy Courses for Internet Entrepreneurs [2019]

Am I a thirsty learner? I don’t know, but I hold three online learning (Udemy, Lynda, and Skillshare) accounts where I consume at least one lecture a day. With internet loaded with so much of online courses, it’s really very hard to find out the best udemy courses.

Udemy and Lynda are my best online learning accounts. World’s best knowledge is here, I firmly believe.

And now, I’m jotting down my honest review about the best udemy courses I purchased.

Best Udemy Courses

Complete Digital Marketing Courses: 12 in 1  

My Pick!

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Life Mastery – Happiness, Health & SuccessView Course
SEO 2019: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress WebsitesView Course
Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional WriterView Course
Web developer BootcampView Course
Microsoft Power BI - A Complete IntroductionView Course

Complete Digital Marketing Courses: 12 in 1

by Daragh Walsh

I wanted to sell something on Etsy, and I didn’t know how. I paid for ads, but ad charges were more than my profits.

Etsyrank tool wasn’t useful as I had no idea to do keyword research, I was so frustrated as I didn’t know a single thing about SEO or digital marketing. That’s when I came across Daragh Walsh’s course on Udemy.

The best part? He taught me ‘Keyword Everywhere,’ a FREE useful google chrome plugin to do keyword research. I never knew that this tool exists on earth. After taking up this course, I made 22 sales on Etsy and revenue of USD 69.

Best udemy courses
My Etsy sales after taking up this course.

Daragh Walsh (the author of this course) introduced me to a FREE keyword research tool Keyword Tool. That’s when I realized there is something called ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ exists on earth.  I explored a lot from his course and did detailed keyword research.

Best Udemy Courses
Daragh Walsh – Complete Digital Marketing Courses 12 in 1


Best udemy course
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Mind you, this course is massive, may feel tedious, can’t be completed all in 1 shot.

Whenever I get any questions or issue regarding digital marketing, I refer that particular module and get it clarified as the purchased course is always with us forever. I even gifted this course to one of my friends who requested me to teach digital marketing. Not only the course covers Search Engine Optimisation but also includes market research and website setup.

Basic programming knowledge may be required. As I’m from an Information technology background, the course consumption turned out to be very easy.

I’m sure Daragh won’t let you down.

Things I loved in this course:
  • Tools to do keyword research and how to do it
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • How to use Quora for marketing?

Life Mastery – Happiness, Health & Success

by Chris Croft

Chris Croft is my best teacher!

This is one of the best udemy courses I had every taken, and I strongly recommend this!!!

I love Chris Croft’s Time management courses too. It challenged my perspective on Time management and changed me into an excellent time manager.

Chris Croft – Life Mastery, Happiness, Health and Success
Best udemy courses
Ratings so far

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He is awesome.

I love the way he teaches all of his courses. Be it happiness or time management; he is just amazing. Yes, be it official or personal, his strategy of ‘any repeated problem should be fixed’ idea is efficient.

Though the picture quality is moderate, the knowledge shared is practical and worth using in life. It’s Chris who made me believe that an organized life is the first step towards success.

Best Lectures in the course:
  • Goals
  • Reducing the unimportant
  • Self-discipline
  • Getting Organized
  • Positive Attitude

SEO 2019: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

by Arun Nagarathnam

Actionable SEO training, I would say.

I didn’t know how to install https on my website, Arun taught it well on his course. Though his English is slightly hard to follow, I could very well understand from an Indian perspective. Native speaker? I would say it would be a little hard to follow but please use the subtitles in the course.


Best courses in Udemy
Arun Nagarathnam – SEO Training 2019 and SEO in WordPress

View Course on Udemy

The course is massive, packed with too much technical content. But I would say one should know all these before starting a website, blog, or anything else.

It isn’t about completing the course. It’s all about referring the course side by side when doing updations on the blog. Not only this, one of my blog posts came to the first page of google after implementing the quora marketing technique. I still give honest answers on Quora.

My Blog Post on Google Page 1

Keyword analysis using Google AdWords is the best part. I didn’t know google has a tool called ‘Keyword Planner’ to do keyword research.

Usually, all my blog URLs has year mentioned. It is this guy who advised not to have year affixed on link URLs as it might affect SEO and it needs to be updated every year which is not good.

I was struggling with image optimization, javascript minification etc., for a long time. As a solopreneur, I couldn’t do all this, so I thought it is better to buy an automated tool which does all this rather than me sitting doing everything. WP-rocket plugin, which was recommended in this course saved my life seriously.

Arun has excellend knowledge!!!!

I’m sure this guy won’t let you down.

Lectures I loved the most:
  • Keyword research in SEO
  • Technical factors in SEO
  • Get indexed by Search Engines Faster

Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

by Shani Raja

This course is fantastic for intermediate writers.

I requested a refund in just a few hours on purchasing this course. I was a beginner in writing then.

But wait!

I again took this course on LinkedIn learning once I transitioned from Beginner to Intermediate writer stage. Such an amazing course, I’m telling you!

Best udemy courses 2019 latest
Shani Raja – Writing with Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer

View Course on Udemy

One should have crossed the beginner level writing issues to get the full value from this course. This man is amazing, and the techniques like tight writing, elegance, clarity are beneficial to make any copy look professional.

Sorry, Raja for requesting a refund!

Now, I’m doing some good karma, I guess.

Lectures I loved the most:
  • The mindset of an elite writer
  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Elegance

Now, you tell me which course impressed you the most? Did you take up any course based on my recommendation? Please leave your comments below. I would love to read all your comments. Good luck!

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