How to find whether an offer letter is fake or genuine?

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Somehow God has given us the power to find the good and bad from inside. Does you inner voice alert you about the fake offer letter? Was your interview real or just a formality? How was the English proficiency of the interviewer? Fake or genuine? What do you think?Did the interviewer show his face? Did you get the interviewer name? Do a google review immediately.

Though the Internet rules the world, there are still fraudsters and scammers who want to loot you. A wise man identifies the danger before even it happens. Be wise. Close your eyes, and ask your inner voice. Is this offer letter really true? Or, are you suspicious?

Don’t be overexcited

It’s nice to travel overseas for a job, but don’t get overexcited.

No interview
 No interview

And please, don’t ever believe that a job can be offered without an interview. This is so stupendous.

Don’t broadcast to your friends and relatives that you received an overseas offer without even confirming it.

Is the sender E-mail authentic?

Most fraudsters use an email id which is not authentic. Use the following steps to find out the authenticity

How to check whether offer letter is fake or genuine
 Unknown domain names is an unknown website to me. So something is more suspicious!!!!

Important points to follow.

  1. Check the Sent E-mail ID domain name: For e.g..,
  2. is the website address, check whether the website is live.
  3. If statement 2 is true, Google for the company reviews; you’ll get an idea
  4. If statement 2 is false, it is fake for sure.

Is the Company landline phone working?

If you have any doubts about the offer or appointment letter, call up the company on its registered landline number.

Check company landline
 Check company landline

Verify digital signatureCheck if the person who has mailed you exists, and if the firm has a vacancy for the post or job you have applied for. “Talk to someone in the company and find out if the skills and qualification they need match yours,” says Sharma. Conduct proper research about the company before applying for the job.

Unprofessional E-mails

Check their way of English writing. Top companies hire professional recruiters to recruit candidates, which means that professional candidates write professional emails.

Tips to find a fake offer letter
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Indian Software Companies like TCS and Techmahindra has already taken action on the hiring scams. They have digital signature option on their portal, where a candiate can input their offer letter reference number to get it verified.

Verify digital signatures
 Verify digital signatures

The letter contains a QR code which can be scanned on your mobile. The offer letter also provides an internet link which takes one to the company’s verification page.One can also go to the company’s career page to choose the way to verify the offer letter. In 2014, Tech Mahindra turned to digital signatures to help job seekers distinguish genuine offer letters from the fake ones.

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Say NO to money deposits

The golden rule is, any job offer that requires you to pay a fee in advance is probably a scam.  Most reputable companies will absorb these costs themselves.

Another warning sign is if the recruiter offers to train you for the job, in return for money.

NEVER pay cash ever. No legitimate company or recruiter will ask for money upfront.

Fake Job Application Forms

I’ve personally seen an application form that looked SO professional but asking for credit card numbers and pin. Don’t be so naive, please. They overwhelm you with fake opportunities to steal money from your credit card.


Here is an example of a fake job application form.

Fake job application form
Fake job application form

Fraudsters and scammers may misuse your confidential information to make more scams over the Internet if you share before you verify the company.  So please be very, very careful in this regard. Don’t share your passport copy, visa copy, or any other government documents before verifying the company identity.

Is the Company website available?

Type the website address in the google search bar and see how the results are. Eye for the results which talks about reviews, scams

Company review
Company review

It is essential to know whether the company has a website. No company website? It’s fake. No trusted companies in the world send the offer letter from Gmail. I swear.

Flight tickets included?

Best companies offer you flight tickets to travel abroad to take up a job. Think twice if a company is requesting for flight ticket money.

No airfare?

The company is NOT financially stable to sponsor you.

Check Company review

Goto Google. Type review.

Read forum comments
Read forum comments

If google doesn’t list anything about this company, then beware. Here are some examples…

Is Linkedin profile available?

Goto Google and Type linkedin

Name mismatch
Name mismatch

Go to and check whether the company profile is available. Then, go and check whether the profile has the people linked to it. View the employee list on Linkedin, and hunt the HRs. Please note that you’ll need a Linkedin account to view the employee information.

Send a linkedin request to the employee with the following note.

Check Glassdoor reviews


Glassdoor review
Glassdoor review

The glass door is the best site to know the salary range and the company reviews as per the current market. It has reviews from the previous employees of a company. Both pro and con.

I had personally referred this website many times before I accepted any offer letter.


I accidentally sent my passport copy to the scammer E-mail ID believing that the offer letter is legitimate. Now what?

Lodge a complaint about this to the cybercrime department. It helps others too.

Is there anyway I can complain about the scammer online?

Companies like Wipro has already taken action against fake offer letters. Report to the original company about this, they can take legal action.

The company’s website is available but I don’t know whether it is real. How do I identify?

Check the company name on the website and on the offer letter. This is very important to make a decision. If there is any minor mismatch, dont proceed.



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