6 Entrepreneur Mantras one must learn from G.D.Naidu (museum)

An Illiterate Villager

G.D.Naidu is a school dropout, his education was just Class III.

Born in 1893 at Kalangal, a village near Sulur; G.D.Naidu is a farmer’s mischevious son, a school drop out, an illiterate, but how did he turn into a great scientist? Well, it’s simple, most indians use ‘Education’ as a tool for survival, and definitely not as a tool to solve problems around them.

“It is thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.”

It is a common fact that anybody who hasn’t done an educational degree isn’t fit to survive in the society. What we had forgot was that ‘Education evolved from a common man’

Education is common sense, and there are multiple ways to get that common sense :).

A Curious Motor-Mechanic

A Strange looking vehicle inspired him

An English revenue official was on his survey-work visit on a strange-looking vehicle. Like everyother village teenagers among the crowd, G.D.Naidu looked at it astonishingly wondering what it really is.

“Curiosity is the mother of invention”

Unfortunately, the motor-vehicle broke down, and it was G.D.Naidu who ran back home to get the oil and cleaning cloth for the british man. He utilised the opportunity to have a closer look at the vehicle, its assembling.

The Motor cycle G.D.Naidu purchased from the English man
The Motor cycle G.D.Naidu purchased from the English man

Overwhelmed by the motor-vehicle, GD Naidu moved to Coimbatore town (then) to earn money to buy the strange-looking motor cycle; he worked as a waiter, driver, and met the English man, and purchased the motor cycle. He disassembled and reassembled it to understand the concept behind.

A Car Enthusiast

Assembing car components was his hobby
Image credit: Overdrive.in

This Rolls-Royce 20 HP that was used as an educational tool for engineering students has been restored by GD Naidu’s son and now resides proudly at the Gedee Car Museum.

“It takes more than a college degree to make you a person of education”

Image credit: Overdrive.in

GD Naidu with the 1949 Mercedes-Benz 170 S in German. The same car is now parked in the museum.

Inventor of Razor Blades

Remember, GD Naidu is the inventor when you see a razor next time.

Battery operated Razors, super thin razor blades were the greatest invention of GD Naidu.

“Properly understood, any new or better way of doing things is technology.”

It was allegedly told that as the government didn’t approve it, GD Naidu freely gave his patent to a US  company which made huge money out of it then.


Naidu’s ‘Rasant’ razor incorporated a small motor operated by dry cells, called Heilbronn.

Papaya Tree with a new variety of Papaya


Founder of United Motor Services (UMS)

Mooku Vandi : A  bus service from Coimbatore to Udumalpet to Palani

In 1920, G.D.Naidu met British businessman and philanthropist, Sir Robert Stanes. Stanes encouraged G.D.Naidu to start a new business and he loaned him a sum of four thousand rupees.

“Great companies can be built on open but unsuspected secrets about how the world works.”

G.D.Naidu got a loan of another four thousand rupees and he bought a passenger auto-coach and drove it himself on the first trip.

GD Naidu named it UMS (Universal Motor Service)


Bus Ticket Vending Machine

GD Naidu was operating a bus company ‘United Motor Works (UMS)’ — there were days where he himself drove buses from Pollachi to Udumalpet — and all his bus conductors were given a bus ticket vending machine in the year 1975.

Punctuality was his forte. And he had introduced even timing machine and ticketing machine.

Bus Ticket Vending Machine - GD Naidu
Bus Ticket Vending Machine – GD Naidu

From the owner of one bus in 1920, he acquired 22 more by 1924 and in 1933 he owned as many as 280 buses.




Inventions in agriculture 

In 1941, he started a 40-acre farm at Podhanur. Several scientists and technical experts, including Sir C.V.Raman and Visweswarayya, had visited this farm.

As he was interested in Siddha system of medicine, he had been conducting a number of experiments in that also.

“You can change the world through careful planning, not by focus group feedback or copying others successes”

Injection grown Papaya Tree

Injection grown Papaya Tree





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