bargain at a jewellery

How to bargain at a jewellery shop in India

For years, I was so afraid of bargaining, I always had an inner fear of being judged.

One day, my inner voice told me “Why do you want to lose your money for somebody‘s business? If you invest the bargained money in a bank, you get interest?”.

And at the same time, an opportunity struck me, my mom said she is interested in buying gold of 7 sovereigns at a nearest gold shop, and I decided to give a try in bargaining, and you know what? I saved INR 10000 by bargaining. Here is how I did it!

Always Bargain on Wastage Charges First!

When we decided to buy 43.97 gms of gold, the proposed wastage charges was 14% which was way high.

bargain at a jewellery


“I bargained to reduce the wastage charges to 8 %, but the first person who attended said no, but I asked him to put me through his supervisor. I then bargained with the supervisor, and reduced the wastage charges from 14 % to 8.5%”

Secondly, the Making Charges!

I kept on insisting the supervisor that this could be waived off, because I heard few people discussing nearby that they are waiving off the making charges as promotional offer, and to my surprise I won. So no making charges at all 🙂

“Bargain to get the lowest making charge, some times they waive,  and sometimes they reduce it to INR 75 per gm and even lower”

Buying Gold Smartly


The Deal is Done!

The Total Cost that we pay is always a sum of gold cost ( 43.97 gms x INR 2832 ) along with making, wastage charges and VAT

Total Cost of Buying Gold Jewellery





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3 thoughts on “How to bargain at a jewellery shop in India”

  1. I also tried but they reduced wastage charge from 15 to 14%, only 1 percent i could make him to reduce. But i wonder how you can get him to reduce upto 6%. Its quite unbelievable & it is so hard to bargain in jewel shop 🙁

  2. Good that, you bargained and saved 1% of wastage 🙂

    And yes, very much true that it is hard , but there are 2 factors here: One is if the transaction is very high, for eg, in lakhs, then bargaining becomes reasonable and easy :), and other one is it depends on the sales person’s talent, if the sales person has much experience in handling us, bargaining becomes difficult 🙂

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