Start a small online business like a pro [Learn My Tricks]

I always get this question “How to start small online business?” from all of my readers. So I thought of jotting down all my genuine efforts on this blog.

Set up a Great Home Office

Yes, you heard it right.

Do you own adequate devices and pieces of equipment to fulfill freelancing assignments? Clients must see them before they award a project. Most freelancing clients live in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and the unique way to establish Trust and Authenticity is to show your fabulous Home Office.

Designate a corner of your home as an office. When video shooting, it looks pretty much like an office.

Here is my Home Office setup. Doesn’t it look real? I state I didn’t fake it.

Apple iMac – (Core i5 (5th Gen)/8 GB DDR3/1 TB/Mac OS X Sierra)

Dell Inspiron 5370 Intel Core i5 8th Gen 13.3-inch FHD Thin and Light Laptop

HP Deskjet Inkadvantage 5075 Printer

Canon EOS 1300D Camera

High-Back Leatherette Office Chair (Black)

boAt Rockerz Bluetooth Headset with Mic

PINZO Sticky Notes & Page Markers

Profile Picture should be YOUR photo.

Be proud to show your face.

Clients want to see who you are before they commit. They crave to work with a real person than any bot, and they desire to confirm it.

Here is an example.

Hold a Compelling Linkedin Profile

Hold compelling LinkedIn profile, and have it linked on your freelancing profile. 99% of clients look upon LinkedIn to verify your identity.

Build a compelling linkedin profile for online business
Build a compelling linkedin profile for online business

Take up the tests, add your badge.

It means a lot. Here is an example.

English Speaking and Writing is a must.

Communication is the key. You’ve to understand your client’s requirements, and must be as expressive as possible to expedite your project.

Not confident?

[Trick] Watch English movies (no dubbed ones please). You must listen to the English talks and negotiations very precisely. Start with the subtitles on.

I picked up the conversational art from the following English movies,

  • Pursuit of Happyness
  • Hitch
  • Blood Diamond
  • Body of Lies

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Buy ‘Grammarly’ Premium Subscription.

E-mail draft or Pitch writeup or blog post, my master guidance is always ‘Grammarly.’ Writing like a pro. Guaranteed.

Grammarly usage on my blog post writing

Respect Freelancing Website’s Policy

Few of my clients requested me to drop out of freelancing platforms to build a business, although I denied. Why? I respect the platform’s policy. Freelancing platforms make extensive security checks to onboard an employer. Think about their financial investments! Throwing them away just like that is not good karma. If found guilty, your whole ecosystem is gone.

Sample policy terms from Fiverr

[Trick] Respect the market. The Market will respect back.

Use licensed software, please.

Let’s do some good karma.

Software development involves tremendous efforts, try not to acquire software illegally. Let’s not be happy on somebody else’s cost. Invest in software; it gives you enormous credibility.

[Trick] Highlight all the licensed software in your profile, clients will love you.

Go with verified clients.

I’ve been into online business since 2012.

Lovable clients. Long-term clients. Runaway clients. Fraudulent clients. I’ve seen them all.

One lesson I wish I had known before: Work with verified clients. Go through the employer’s profile in detail, and see how fellow freelancers reviewed him. Should you work with him? Mistakes do happen, don’t worry! My first earning was $25 from oDesk (now Upwork). I underquoted a massive project for $25 which I realized very late.

I knew I’m going to be overused. If I terminate the project, my new profile may get a black mark. But if I finish this project considerably, there is a chance of a high rating. I chose to finish with great commitment. Result? 5-star rating.

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. I mean it.

So, what’s your next move? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below. Useful websites to begin with Instamojo , Upwork, Fiverr, User testing

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