How to Calculate Income Tax? (Excel calculator)

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For years, I’ve been running behind my friends to get my income tax calculation done. To be honest, I had never taken pains to cross-check whether my friend did it right or not. The main reason ,” I thought it is complicated!”

I didn’t even care to download an income tax calculator excel from the internet. I didn’t even know that this can be done in Excel.

How foolish it is to handover my financial calculation to someone else? Don’t ever do that.

Befor you start with the Income Tax calculations, it is most required to know your take home salary. This is the very first step that you need to take to do the maths.

What is Income Tax?

Income tax is a mandatory contribution of money to the government's revenue by salaried and business individuals who are the residents of India.

HALF of salaried individuals in India don't even know to do their Income Tax calculations.

ONLY 1% of IT Population is aware that Form-16 should be checked every year to know whether any extra money is paid as Income Tax.

The Income Tax Calculation Formula

Income Tax = 10% or 20% or 30% of your Total Taxable Income

Your Total Taxable Income = Total yearly income – Tax exemption on Salary Components – Tax exemption on Investments

The following calculator helps you to calculate your income tax in minutes.

Please note that this calculator best suits salaried individuals

Income tax calculator 2015-2016

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Note: This income tax calculation sheet best suits for salaried individuals.

How to Use the Income Tax Calculator Excel?

Step 1: Keep your latest payslip handy!

Your payslip is the key thing for your Income Tax calculation. Grab your latest payslip, and keep it opened

Step 2: Keep all your investment details handy!

Rent receipts, Fixed deposits, Policy premiums, or whatever, save all of these in a folder or repository where you could easily access from anywhere. You would need to enter the data in the excel sheet that you are going to download in the next step

Step 3: Have all the medical bills for this year beside your computer!

Medical exemption is available upto INR 15000 for a year. If you fail to declare, this amount becomes taxable, and you might want to pay tax for INR 15000.

Step 4: Open the Excel Sheet, and start entering your details!

The Excel sheet is a IT calculator which calculates your income tax in minutes, all you need to do is just enter your salary details in the excel sheet.


TDS means Tax Deduction at Source — deducting income tax amount from your income source immediately.

Eg., My salary was 12 lakhs per year.

As per the income tax slabs, my salary is subject to income tax. Some companies will start to deduct income tax monthly based on my eligible tax slab. At a later point at the end of financial year, you should file the income tax based on your investments. 

Income Tax is the actual amount you have to pay to the government. The TDS amount and the actual Income Tax amount may vary depending upon your investments.


Section 80C covers almost all the investments for individuals. You may use Section 80D to exempt the interest on your housing loan.

To be honest, it is our responsibility to pay income tax to our country. The country does a lot to us, come on.

This income tax calculation sheet is for all salaried individuals in India. Best suits IT professionals.

Sometimes the company would have deducted the maximum income tax amount you’re eligible for. But you would have investments in Section 80C and 80D, and you may have to pay less tax than what was deducted monthly. This is where income tax filing is very important.

ITR (Income Tax returns) should be filed for current financial year.

  • ITR for 3 continuos years is the mandatory requirement for applying home loan. It quickens your loan process.
  • ITR is required incase you want to file a divorce
  • Any government procedure requires ITR.


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13 thoughts on “How to Calculate Income Tax? (Excel calculator)”

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  3. nice calculator.. very useful.. but is there any calculator for small business people who’s annual income is around 5 lakhs.

  4. Thanks my friend. For now, I will have to say no, but I will definitely update you incase I make one 🙂

  5. Hi Prabha,

    Thanks for your valuable service… i had a query regarding IT calculator as where can i enter School fee details?
    And request you to update the same and if possible new features.

    Thank you,

      1. The Tuition fee comes under Section 80C which has a maximum limit of 1,50,000 Rs. There is no separate exemption available so far

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