The Power of following your Intuition

Instinct. Inner voice. Gut feeling. Sixth Sense. We all have that unexplainable natural knowing within which guides us, alerts us, protect us without any logic behind.

Well, you might wonder why on earth am I writing about this? Wait, there is a reason!

Right from my childhood, I’d always felt torn between my sense of reason and my sense of heart.

Be it choosing an outfit, choosing a career or making life’s toughest decision – I always felt that funny feeling that said, “Something about this just isn’t right.”

Questions kept colliding in mind – Should I be head-driven? Should I be heart-driven? Or, should I be in the midst of both? How do the most successful people overcome this situation? Had they ever been in this situation, or am I the only one?.

So many questions, but I doubted if anyone knew all the answers.

Years went on and on, until I came across an inspirational talk about ‘Intuition‘ by a famous Tamil writer ‘Balakumaran’. His simple words “Train your natural knowing – it is the key to the temple of wisdom” tapped something deep within me.

It was that moment I decided to discover my ‘Intuition’.

Meditation as the First Step

Nadi Suddhi, Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya. Sounds familiar?

The breathing techniques discovered by our Indian ancestors to sharpen ‘Intuition’ for social, emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Well, it’s been 2 yrs since I started practicing these.

Initially it was SO hard to start with. I had often mistaken fearful feelings as Intuition, and by experience I realised that ‘Fear’ is emotionally-charged, negative and chaotic, whereas ‘Intuition’ is unemotional and positive-charged .

Intuition and Meditation
Meditation (Image taken from

Eventually, I found myself in possession of a power that enabled me to throw off discouragement, master fear, overcome procrastination, and draw freely upon my imagination.

How I discovered ‘Intuition’

Most of us don’t hear the intuition because our minds are filled with too much of outside buzz.

The reason most of us couldn’t hear the gut instinct is: we gossip about people next door, put down women, are judgemental, are selfish, envy, scorn and what not? — We’re NOT grateful for what we have.

I was no different; I was SO influenced by other people’s opinions, was judgmental, was envious.

“To positively influence the “inner audience” within, one has to combine ‘Meditation’ with ‘Loneliness’ “, says writer ‘Balakumaran’

And I dared to try it –  I chose to stay away from the so-called ‘Society’ for some time, to keep all the negative hindrances at bay. I shut myself behind closed doors to really see what’s happening “within”, giving access to only those whom I think are positive.

Well, I wouldn’t say practicing ‘Loneliness’ is easy. All I would say is, it is damn-worthy!

Temple of wisdom
Temple of Wisdom

Two months. Six months. One year. Two years. Time passed on.

Real change takes long time. Isn’t it?

Gratefulness. Inner Peace. Happiness. Thinking Beyond. Lateral Thinking. I felt that inner transformation!

As Napoleon Hill described in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Eventually, I felt a touch of that unknown “something” that has been the moving spirit of every truly great thinker, leader, artist, musician or writer.

Somewhere deep inside me, a desire to read books germinated. Still wondering how!

I read great writings of Bharathiar, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Jayakanthan, Jayanthasri Balakrishnan, Suki Sivam, Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Tim Ferris, Daniel Kahneman, Rashmi Bansal and lot more.

History, Communism, Capitalism, Economy, Life, Business, Entrepreneurship, Money and what not?. I learnt almost everything I came across. Meaning? I’ve already stepped in to the temple of wisdom 🙂

Bharathiar’s and Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s writings just deep-drilled ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Gratitude’ inside me.

Perhaps, they made me to realise that writing has an incredible, but often under estimated power to influence the world.

“It’s time to enlighten others, start writing”, whispered a mysterious voice inside. In fact, that was the first time I really listened to my voice inside, and that’s when my blog ‘Madbucks’ was born.

The perspectives of great people (from the books I read) and my gut instinct together helped achieve a measure of confidence and peace of mind, and in turn perfect decisions.

Wanna discover your Intuition, now? Start Meditating!

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