Website Testing: An easy way to make money online

Many of my friends and colleagues often ask me the easy ways to make money online working from home. And I thought writing a post about it would help many!

Well, many of them who contacted me were homemakers who’ve a very good educational background from different streams, I’m writing something which fits almost all of them!!!

What is Website Testing!

Thousands and thousands of websites are coming online everyday. Many website owners test their websites a hundred thousand times before they launch it online, reason: they want to make the best impression on their customers. So how they get it tested? They test it with you, and that’s where you get the opportunity.

Some owners look for testers from india, some from china and some from US. But the point is, if they’re in need of indian website testers, then you get the chance!

How it works?

Well, all you need to do is download the screen capture software the testing website gives, go to the website link you get from the testing request mail, perform the tasks mentioned : like go and click a menu, and express what you feel when your perform the tasks. The voice recorder keeps recording your explanation.

The screen capture software records your screen and your voice (sometimes your face as well) – once done you get paid. The client rates your quality of website testing, and based on the rating you get more and more testing requests from the clients.

How do I get paid?

They pay via PayPal, so make sure you create a paypal account before you start testing.

What devices should I have?

A computer and an internet connection – the more devices you have, the more tests you get. A basic computer knowledge is sufficient to take up the tests, and make sure you speak good English while recording your voice.

Where should I register to get the testing requests?

Make money online

This website is one of the best, and they give a $10 for every test you take. Good deal isn’t it ? The competition is high, so make sure that you immediately take up the test when you get the testing request

Make money online

This website also pays $10 a test – make sure that you take up the qualification tests after registering.

Make money online

It’s been a long time since I used this website, this website rarely sends testing requests via email but don’t underestimate. I’ve heard that this website also pays well.

make money online

Enrol sends testing requests quite often, but you’ll have to react to it immediately. Otherwise, the link expires and you end up with no tests!


My dear friends, please leave a comment if this post is of great use to you!

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